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    DIRECTABLE ROTARY TENSIONERS ORIENT with hole or threaded bore
    from €14.00
    The rotary tensioner type Orient works as a fixed device and inside there are neither halical springs nor elastomers . ORIENT with boring or threading ( boring or threading on demand).


The directional tensioner ORIENT works like a fixed device, so it contains no spiral springs or elastomers. The absence of synthetic materials enables ORIENT to function at high temperatures.

It peculiarity lies in the fact that it can be given any orientation you wish, either before or after installation, when the slack of the belt or chain requires correction of the tensioning.

This is possible thanks to a sprocket on the base of the lever that makes it possible to assemble the two parts at every 15° of rotation for all 360° available. This means 24 positions between base and lever, plus an adjustment slot that also prevents rotation of the product.

The base and lever are produced in rugged aluminum alloy with tensile strength of 440MPa.

The base has 6 threaded holes for directional fastening to the lever, a central hole and an adjustment and antirotation slot for positioning and fastening it on the frame or plate where the element is housed.

The lever has 8 holes for variable fastening to the base and one hole for installation of various accessories. Every 15°, two holes of the base coincide with the holes on the lever, and the two parts are fastened together with two screws.This characteristic makes the product versatile and adaptable to a wide range of applications and offers numerous solutions to problems of size and positioning.

For adjustment of the product, a hexagon for a 22 mm wrench is provided at the center of the base. It is sufficient to release the antirotation slot and turn the product to reset the transmission tension. If that does not suffice, move the sprocket to the next position between the lever and the base.

It is an excellent alternative for those who do not need an automatic tensioner but, at the same time, have problems of size and positioning on the machine.

The tensioners can be supplied with chain tensioning shoes in polyethylene 1,000,000 UHMW with dynamic dry steel friction coefficient 0.06, chain tensioning pinions, belt tensioning rollers and idle pulleys.