Zetasassi ad hoc for your !- We are able to customize your ideas. 

Ad hoc for you is a service that goes from project/realization of items or modification of the ones available in our catalogue.

We have 3 very important elements:

1.        Our machineries have updated CNC programs;

2.        Skilled staff who has been working in this field for 30 years;

3.        High quality raw materials;

To get more information we ask you please to contact us sending an e-mail to contact@zetasassi.net or calling the phone number 0039521772808.

We ask you please to attach a technical drawing 2D or 3D.

Most successful products

Industrial Division: we are reliable in time!

During the years we produced many items linked to the drive transmission modifying the existing one or creating brand new ones.

As far as the following examples:

ü       Addition to some items of proximity sensor;

ü       Pulleys made with material or size on demand;

ü       Modification on our items on demand or on drawing;

Our fleet of machines is at your disposal.

Motorbike Division: born to ride!

It came from the need to fulfil the requirements of a sector where the speed is everything, there is no lack of vibrations, the motorbike’s oil smells of hot engine, the asphalt rubs (and it hurts) and the weather conditions change turn by turn.

The heart of a product is the high quality of its raw material worked from solid and treated with anodizing process to improve the lifetime.

Zetasassi thanks to the ad hoc service is able to cooperate with National and International teams and can offer personalized racing parts.

Ergal screws made of certified 7075 T6: screw and unscrew as long as you need, try it!

This division was born for motorbike and after it has been linked to other sector such as industry, shipbuilding, automotive industry, aeronautical and modern furnishings.

In addition to the various sizes available in our website we can make screws on drawing.

General Information

The service foresees the cooperation between the Customer and our Technical Office whose aim is  to modify on demand our items or works on drawings.

The collaboration is free in case of order, otherwise we are going to send you an invoice whose amount will be the lump sum of € 250 for the project and the drawings.

The technical collaboration comes from years of working experience and from updated machineries.

We suggest you ideas or technical evaluation according to your requests.

As each field has its own specific features linked to specific technical data not easily available we ask you please to give us the most part of the information you have. In lack of those information we decline all responsibility for our direct or not cooperation on customer’s demand.

We decline any responsibility that comes from drawings linked to patents or similar constraints. We ask you please to act with transparency and respecting the rules concerning patents, invention and free competition.