28/03/2022 New Zetasassi® price list

We would like to inform you that the new Zetasassi price list will come into force on 01/04/2022.

All existing orders will not be subject to any change.

Thank you for your attention.

ZETASASSI® Made in Italy Since 1979


14/09/2021 Notice to Customers

Dear Customers,

As you certainly know, Zetasassi® is a leading player specializing in the manufacturing and sale of tensioning systems. Our products are renowned for their high quality, durability and high performances.

Our company attaches great importance to the protection of its “Zetasassi®” trademark, which has gained unquestionable renown and good reputation over time and which we protect also via commercial surveillance and legal protection services.

Zetasassi® has always been engaged in preventing and fighting any misleading practices or unauthorized use by competitors the promote their products making unlawful reference to Zetasassi®, or adopting communication methods that are fit to generate confusion between their products and Zetasassi® tensors, claiming technical and quality equivalence, interchangeability and compatibility between Zetasassi® products and their products, all claims that are in fact not true.

Not long ago, our Company became aware that a distributor of industrial mechanical equipment sold products of one of our competitors pretending that they were Zetasassi® products and going as far as making reference to our product names/codes and, in one case, even notifying a customer that Zetasassi® had changed the colours of its tensors, in order to convince the customer that the supplied products were Zetasassi® original products. In another case, the distributor proposed a competitor’s products to a customer claiming that they were “the same” as Zetasassi® products.

Given these blatant trademark infringements and unfair competition conduct, our company had start action in court to obtain protection and, in August 2021, the Law Court of Florence (Italy) issued an interim measure prohibiting said distributor to sell products made by other manufacturers as Zetasassi® products. Said interim measure has not been appealed against and the term to file counterclaims or appeal has already expired.

This notice is intended to make our customers aware that they must be very careful and make sure that any products being proposed as Zetasassi® tensors are indeed products manufactured by us and beware of anyone that otherwise proposes third parties’ tensors claiming that they are Zetasassi® tensors and/or that they are equivalent to our products in technical and quality terms.

The quality of Zetasassi® tensors can be obtained only by purchasing Zetasassi® original products.

Please, do not hesitate to contact our sales offices for any clarification you may need.

ZETASASSI® Made in Italy Since 1979


20/11/2020 New Zetasassi® price list

We would like to inform you that the new Zetasassi price list will come into force on 1 January 2021.

All existing orders and those received by 18-12-2020 will not be subject to any change.

The new price list has been harmonized and  increases have been applied only to a few product families, with no price increases for other products.

If you would like to receive a price list in PDF or Excel format (also for inclusion in your management system) you can request it by sending an email to

We would like to remind you that Zetasassi® will not close at any time at the end/beginning of the year.

Warmest Wishes for Happy Holidays.

Thank you for your attention.

ZETASASSI® Made in Italy Since 1979



Dear Customers,

Many of our products are manufactured for essential supply chains, such as the pharmaceutical and agri-food ones. This is the reason why Zetasassi must remain in operations, while keeping the personnel at the lowest possible number and complying with all the rules in force during this emergency period.

Therefore, this is to confirm that all our e-mail addresses and warehouses are operational. You can find the latest information on the “News” page of our Internet portals.

We ask you to send, for the next two weeks, orders for products intended for essential sectors and to postpone orders for other products to next month. This is intended to reduce as much as possible shipments of non-urgent goods.

All our products are ready for prompt delivery and, therefore, there will be no problems for any urgent need.

In the hope that the situation may improve soon, I wish you all the best in this difficult time!!!


Best regards

Lorenzo Sassi 

Sole Director


13/02/2020 Important Announcement

To All Our Customers,

This is in reference to news regarding China‘s potential issues with the shipment of industrial supplies due to the Coronavirus. We at Zetasassi® would like to reassure and remind our customers that we produce internally 99% of our products; therefore we do not have and never will have delays in deliveries.

Our production facility as well as our offices are open and available for any request you may have.

We hope this difficult period will end shortly, and our thoughts are with the people who are in distress. 

Best regards.

Zetasassi ® - Made in Italy since 1979



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