1. 1
    LEVER for TR1 tensioner
    from €5.30
    TR versatility is due to the possibility to change the levers so to get various heights without losing rigidity. For type TR1 we have lever 110,111,115,118 and for type TR2 the levers 210,218,227.
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    LEVER for TR2 tensioner
    from €7.40
    The versatility of the TR models is due to the possibility to change the load lever so as to reach any height without losing in rigidity. They have interchangeable 110,111,115,118 levers for the type 1 and 210,218,227 levers for the type 2.


Automatic tensioners are automatic devices which allow to keep the right tension of the transmission chain/belt so it lasts longer.In addition they recover the stretching that the chain has little by little during its functioning.So thanks to the automatic tensioners you can avoid vibrations and noise linked to functioning.

These automatic tensioners do not need the intervention of any workers so you can save time for the maintenance and for the control of the machineries on which they are set up. 

The type TR1 and TR2 have a light alloy body and galvanized steel lever. 

They have two “ special anti – seize” light alloy bases perfect for this usage. It allows the upper base to slide perfectly on the central galvanized steel pivot.

The central pivot and the two basis have OR seals used to avoid external agents infiltrations.

The internal elastic element made of high yield point steel and with initial pre-load allow us to get  a very steady pressure excursion .

TR versatility is due to the possibility to change the levers so to get various heights without losing  rigidity.

For type TR1 we have lever 110,111,115,118 and for type TR2  the levers 210,218,227. 

The levers have a bore and you can chose the type of bore . The position of the bore is perfect to have room enough to set up accessories and keep the same loads of the elastic elements. By this way the product have a very long life expectancy.

The set up is very simple as they can be fixed on the machine using an internal or external screw.

They have a retainer loop to block the rotation.

Tensioning useful angle 45°TR2 and 60°TR1 in both sense of rotation.

They can work with a temperature up to 130°C. 


- Steady chain / belt tensioning

- Noises reduction

- Best transmission performance

- Less ware and tear

- Cheapness and easy set up 

They are set up one by one by skilled staff to get the best quality control and the perfect pivots sliding.

The high quality materials, the manufacture and the endurance of the elements processed by our CNC machineries, allow the product to work properly and have a long life expectancy.

The simple use and the cheapness make this product a cheap, practical and safe one. 

They are available without levers and you can get only the levers.